Solterra™ is an environmental technology company that provides proven remediation solutions for industrial customers. From landfills to oil spills, from hog farms to factories, you’ll find our innovative line of Remedia™ products working to remediate environmental pollution, contamination and odor. Our breakthrough remediation solutions are safer for people and the planet, work better and are more cost-effective. Let’s work together. Let us prove our dedication to effective remediation.

Breakthrough RPS Technology

Remedia™ products by Solterra™ are the only line of industrial remediation products that use breakthrough RPS Technology. This patented, proprietary technology – which leverages scientific principles like dehydration, metal ion reaction and mechanics of conversion – remediates in a way other green products simply can’t.

Powered by RPS Technology™

Hydrocarbon Stabilizer

Remediate and stabilize oil and fuel spills – safer than dispersants, faster than microbes.

Remedia™ Heavy
Metal Stabilizer

Remediate heavy metal contamination – in a safer, more effective, more cost-effective way.

Remedia™ Animal Habitat Treatment

Remediate odor and pollution on livestock farms – safer for your people, your animals and our planet.

Remedia™ Industrial Odor Eliminator

Eliminate strong odors at the source – don’t just mask them with harmful perfumes or scents.

Kuwait Crude Oil Spill

In Kuwait, the technology behind Remedia™ Hydrocarbon Stabilizer was used after a significant crude oil spill. Soil from the spill with initial readings of over 2,900 ppb TPH was reduced to 810 ppb in just 24 hours and with one treatment. No further readings were taken because the 810 ppb result met the Kuwait environmental requirements. However, the TPH likely continued to decline to near zero over time with little or no additional treatment.

Kuwait Oil Spill Chart

Army Depot

Our technology was used to remediate lead at an Army Depot. Results shown are before treatment of contaminated soil and 10 days after treatment of contaminated soil. Tests results are from an independent third party laboratory using EPA method testing (EPA 7420). Not shown in the chart: a 36.36% reduction in Chromium and 92.22% reduction in Cadmium.

Red River Army Depot

Chicken & Turkey Farms

On chicken and turkey farms, our technology has been shown to reduce mortality and morbidity rates in chickens and turkeys by 50 to 90 percent. In one test, comparing an untreated chicken house versus a treated house, each with about 30,000 birds, there was a reduction in morbidity due to septicemia/toxemia from 377 to 100 birds and airsacculitis from 488 to 50 birds.

Chicken and Turkey Farms
Use Remedia™
products to:
  • Remediate hydrocarbons from oil spills.
  • Remediate hydrocarbons from fuel oil leakage.
  • Remediate hydrocarbons from transformer PCBs.
  • Prevent heavy metal leaching.
  • Remediate heavy metals at industrial plants.
  • Remediate heavy metals at hazardous waste sites.
  • Remediate heavy metals at brownfields.
  • Remediate fly/coal ash.
  • Remediate animal waste at livestock farms.
  • Remediate dust, odor and pollution on chicken farms.
  • Remediate dust, odor and pollution on turkey farms.
  • Remediate dust, odor and pollution on hog farms.
  • Remediate dust, odor and pollution on horse farms.
  • Treat wastewater from natural gas and oil hydro-fracking.
  • Treat acidic wastewaster from sports events, concerts, etc.
EPA Design for the Environment

Recognized for Safer Chemistry

Remedia™ products by Solterra™ have been recognized as EPA Design for the Environment products. That means they have passed a rigorous third party toxicology review and an EPA scientific review to be recognized for safer chemistry for people and the environment (disclaimer).